High School Honors Choir

The High School Honors Choir program offers Regional Honors Choirs, State Honors Choirs and an All-State Honors Choir.

Regional Honors Choirs

The Regional Honors Choirs program includes: 

Region A: Districts 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10 (except Allegan and Barry counties)

Region B: Districts 6, 8, 10 (Allegan and Barry counties), 11

Region C: Districts 4, 12, 15, 16

Region D: Districts 13, 14

Up to four singers per voice part may audition with each school sending no more than 32 singers. Example: 4 Soprano I, 4 Soprano II, 4 Alto I, 4 Alto II, etc. For Regional auditions only, substitutions of the same voice part will be permitted up to three days prior to the event. Example: Soprano I for a different Soprano I, A rehearsal recording may be obtained from Choraltech.  

Singers will audition online individually on their own voice part. The audition piece must be sung in its entirety without accompaniment. Please refer to the instructions and guidelines found on the links. 

In each region, a choir will be chosen with a maximum of 170 singers. 
Participating schools will be notified of the audition results by email. Individual scores will not be released.

Singers chosen for the Regional Honors Choirs will rehearse and perform in December. The repertoire will be the same in all regions including the regional audition selection, two SSAA selections, two TTBB selections and one SATB selection. A performance will take place at the end of the day.

State Honors Choirs

Auditions for the three State Honors Choirs will take place during the rehearsals of the Regional Honors Choirs. All students, including those not wishing to be considered for one of the State Honors Choirs, will be asked to sing parts from several of the pieces which have been selected. Students will have these pieces memorized for the regional rehearsals. Unprepared singers will not be selected. A short intermediate level sight reading exercise will be included at the State Honors Choirs audition.  

Students must participate and audition on the voice parts they were assigned at the October audition. Singers will be rated on a point system (sample form in the Forms and Applications section of this document). Those students with the highest ratings in each voice part will be selected and assigned to a State Honors Choir. The number of students accepted from each region is based on the number of students per region auditioning for the State Honors Choirs.

Rehearsal recordings may be obtained from Choraltech 

The results of State Honors Choirs auditions will be posted at the end of the Regional Honors Choirs performance. Each State Honors Choir student will pick up a folder that contains the music, rehearsal schedule and location information and the forms that must be completed and returned to the High School Honors Choir Supervisor. Each teacher must review the materials with students and collect the forms as indicated on the schedule.

Students  selected for a State Honors Choir will not be allowed to participate in All-State Band or All-State Orchestra as these groups rehearse at the same time in January. If a student’s school group is performing at the MMC, he/she will be excused to participate for the warm-up and performance only.

All-State Honors Choir

Students who wish to be considered for the All-State Honors Choir should indicate their interest on the Region Day/State Application Form and confirm their willingness to participate by signing the form. 

The results of State Honors Choir auditions will determine the All-State Choir. Directors will be contacted by February 1 regarding student selection for the All-State Choir. All-State Honors Choir members must be members in a Regional and State Honors Choir.

The All-State Honors Choir will not exceed 120 members. Selections will be based on quotas similar to the State Honors Choirs allowing for flexibility to ensure that a balanced choir.

The All-State Honors Choir will perform at the Michigan Youth Arts Festival in Kalamazoo in May.

Sure On This Shining Night
Women:  Begin at letter B, skip m. 25 - 31, begin again in m. 32 to end.  Pitch can be given before m. 32
Men:  Begin at letter A to the end
  • October Audition Application Link (click on green box below)

Submit your online audition
If you experience technical issues with submitting an Honors Choir Application through the Acceptd program, you visit the following website https://acceptd.zendesk.com/hc/en-us or call the support line
at 1-888-725-2122.

The director or the student must sign up and create an account before starting the application process.

2016-17 HS State HC FORMS.12.7.6.pdf
2016-17 HC Sample Adjudication Forms.pdf
Regional T-shirt order form

Honors Choir practice recordings:   
HS Practice Recordings

Eric Floetke 
Executive Board, Director of Honors Choirs

Pam Pierson
State Honors Choir HS Supervisor

Emily Verdonk
State Honors Choir Region A Coordinator
SSAA Coordinator

Matt Callaghan
State Honors Choir Region B Coordinator
SATB Coordinator

Andrew Hathikhanavala
State Honors Choir Region C Coordinator
TTBB Coordinator

John Beck
State Honors Choir Region D Coordinator

Schedule information 2017-18

September 19, 2017 - Online student Regional Auditions Open for submissions

October 4 - Online student Regional Auditions Deadline (midnight)

October 13-14 – Regional Auditions Process (adjudication)

October 20 - Regional Honors Choir/State Audition Registration Deadline

December 2 - Regional Honors Choir/State Auditions

December 10 - State Honors Choir Registration Deadline 

January 25-27, 2018 - State Honors Choir @ MMC

February 1, 2018 – All-State selection announced

March 1, 2018 - All State Registration Deadline 

May 10-12, 2018 - All-State Honors Choir @ WMU

Region A
East Grand Rapids HS
2211 Lake Drive
East Grand Rapids
Host:  Jim Borst

Region B
Western Michigan University
Host:  Kevin West

Region C
South Lyon HS
1000 North Lafayette
South Lyon
Host:  Andrew Hathikhanavala

Region D
Bethany Lutheran Church
202 South 11th Street
Host:  John Beck

January 21, 2017 at  3:00 p.m.
 Devos Hall,  Grand Rapids   


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