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Thursday, September 20, 2018 10:07 AM | Anonymous

Julia Jenkins Holt
MSVMA State Scheduling Coordinator/Treasurer

I am writing today not as your State Board Treasurer, but as the new State Scheduling Coordinator. I am taking over state scheduling duties from Marge Payne this year and want to thank her for her expertise and dedication to MSVMA.

Before you schedule this year I would like you to consider the following items:

  1. Please understand that date/time preferences are just that – a preference. Not everyone can be scheduled in his or her perfect timeslot. I will do my best to fulfill requests, but please understand that the program may schedule you in a spot that is not your desired time or date.

  2. Accompanist limits for S&E events are 5 events per half day of festival. That means 5 on a Friday evening, 5 Saturday morning, 5 Saturday afternoon. Do not exceed these limits. Trying to cheat the system will only create conflicts for your school.

  3. Each accompanist should only be listed ONCE in the pull-down menu.  LOOK for your accompanist before you type in their name as another director may have entered them first. The accompanist is only one person, but the system cannot avoid conflicts if it thinks they are two different people because they have been entered twice.

  4. NO CHANGES to the schedule will be made after the change deadline. You must request changes prior to that date or they will not be made.

  5. There has been an update to the Missed Event Policy for State S&E clarifying the purpose of the policy. It is meant for students who miss an event in an unavoidable situation, not as a way to reschedule events at the festival. Please see the website for the full policy language.

  6. I am the director at Eisenhower High School and will be busy preparing my own students for these festivals as well as serving as State Treasurer, teaching a performing group at church, and running my own active elementary-aged children to various activities after school. I will be taking care of all scheduling issues in the late evening time after they are in bed, so please realize that if you email me in the morning, you may not get a response until late that evening.

  7. Payment can be made by school check or a director’s personal check payable to MSVMA and must be postmarked by the deadline. Purchase orders are acceptable at the postmark deadline, but the State Office must receive payment by the date listed on the event website page.

  8. There are new registration instructions on each state event webpage and even on the district level S&E and Festival pages. It may be helpful for new and experienced directors alike to check out the instructions before registering for each festival.

  9. If you have questions scheduling district events, please contact your district manager. If you have questions scheduling state events, please contact me. If you have issues with your login for (remember that it is a separate website from please contact Christy Seyler.

I look forward to serving you in this position and wish you a great year full of excited students and beautiful music!

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