Pop & Jazz Festival

There will not be a Jazz & Pop Festival for the 2016-2017 season. 

If you have interest in hosting this event, please contact Bert Van Dyke, Director of the Jazz & Pop Festival.

These festivals are open to all schools holding a current MSVMA membership, with the purpose to foster sensitive, artistic, and creative performances of Broadway selections, popular music, and vocal jazz. Many participants choose to augment presentations with choreography, but it is not mandatory.

Although this music entertains, all music chosen does not necessarily become "entertainment" music exclusively. The intention of the structure of this festival is to provide a concert arena whereby pop ensembles share with each other.

It is REQUIRED that all ensembles performing in a pop festival be present and seated in the concert hall for the duration of the festival. Schools who do not conform to this requirement are subject to sanctions from such festivals by the MSVMA Board.

Participating groups should have no fewer than four vocalists. Performance and set up time will be limited to 15 minutes per group. Instrumental and tonal sources may be used to complement the group's performance; however, discretion should be used to ensure that the accompaniment does not overpower the vocal sound. When performing music requiring accompaniment, live accompaniment must be used unless it is avant-garde or 20th century music requiring electronic or taped sounds as part of the composer's compositional and performance intent.

There are two fees associated with Pop & Jazz Festival which must accompany the application.
  • One for groups with 4 to 8 members
  • One for groups with 9 or more members
Once fees are received, they are non-refundable. Schools wishing to send more than one group per festival shall be allowed to do so, provided that other schools wishing to participate are given priority. Chairpersons will determine the number of groups at each site.

Applications and fees are due postmarked 17 days prior to the festival date and are sent to the site chairperson. The chairperson shall collect fees and submit monies, with a report, to the Executive Director within two weeks of the event. Reasonable expenses for the event may be submitted, not to exceed the fees that are collected. An admission fee for non-performers may be charged to defray the cost of the event, with the surplus monies being forwarded to MSVMA.

Festival Information

Groups of 4 to 8 members
Groups of 9 or more members

Maximum number of events will be limited to 8.

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