I am a newly hired teacher but my school already has a membership under the previous teacher. How do I access my school's membership? 

Each representative of a school is required to have their own profile login. To create your profile, you will need to register with the corresponding membership. When you register an invoice will be emailed to you. Once you have paid for your membership, you will be the representative for your school and the previous account will lapse. 

I have changed schools. How do I transfer my membership?

Unless the membership was paid with personal funds, the membership stays with

the school and transfers to the new director. If the membership was not paid by your 

school, you can update your profile with the new school and the membership will

be transferred.  

My school has not been a member of MSVMA for two years.  We would like to join this year.  Are we considered a new member?

School memberships must have lapsed for 5 years to be considered a new member.


How do I access my profile?

You can access your profile from any page on the website. Simply click your name in the left corner and log in and it will take you to your profile page.

From your profile landing page, you can access several menu options including:

Edit Profile 

Event Registrations 

Invoices and Payments 

I am trying to access a google document on the website but it is saying that I do not have permission to view the file. How do I open the document?

Most school networks disable files from outside their domain. If you are using a school network and are unable to view google files on the website, try opening them on a private or unsecured network. 

I am a district manager. How do I access editing options for my district page?

When you login to your profile, there will be an option at the top of the page to change your website view. Once you select Admin view, You will be able to see your editing options. 


Can my school pay my membership dues by credit card?

Yes! You can login and pay online through the "Invoices and Payments" tab on your profile. If your school would prefer to pay over the phone, they can call the State Office at 231.592.9344.

Where do I send my check? 

Please mail your check and a copy of your invoice to: 


P.O. Box 1131

Big Rapids, MI 49307

How do I pay my invoice online? 

Login to your MSVMA profile and select "Payments and Invoices". 

Select the invoice you would like to pay and it will give you the option to "Pay Online". 


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