Musical Theatre Audition Workshop

MSVMA invites high school students to participate in its new Musical Theatre Audition Workshop.  Participants must be in 11th or12th grade, enrolled,  and in good standing in their school's vocal music program. Student's school must be a member of MSVMA.

This is a brand new, multi-faceted opportunity for MSVMA students, families, and directors.  A full itinerary is in the works, but participants can expect the following:

  • Presentations on audition expectations and experiences
  • Dance combo examples and preparation for dance auditions
  • Monologue examples and preparation for selecting monologues
  • Navigating the audition process
  • Scheduling and carrying the workload of the audition process
  • Networking & Camaraderie
  • A low-pressure environment where students can work together to grow and learn to comfortable approach the audition process.
  • A parent-specific presentation (while kids are working on preparation) regarding supporting and coordinator the audition process with their student.
  • A director-specific presentation (while kids are working on preparation) regarding preparing and supporting students for the audition process.

Registration & Payment

Online registration & payment only. More to be announced. 

Megan Sinclair

Director of Specialized Festivals

Registration Opens:

August 14, 2024

Registration Deadline:

September 14, 2024


September 21, 2024

Livonia Churchill High School

Livonia, MI

Ann Fisher


Julie Davis



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