Music Education & Vocal Performance Audition Workshop

MSVMA invites high school students to participate in its new Music Education & Vocal Performance Audition Workshop.  Participants must be in 11th or 12th grade, enrolled,  and in good standing in their school's vocal music program. Student's school must be a member of MSVMA.

This is a brand new, multi-faceted opportunity for MSVMA students, families, and directors.  A full itinerary is in the works, but participants can expect the following:

  • Presentations on audition expectations and experiences
  • University representation
  • Theory placement expectations and experiences
  • Selecting repertoire
  • Navigating the audition process
  • Scheduling and carrying the workload of the audition process
  • Networking & Camaraderie
  • A low-pressure environment where students can work together to grow and learn to comfortable approach the audition process.
  • A parent-specific presentation (while kids are working on preparation) regarding supporting and coordinator the audition process with their student.
  • A director-specific presentation (while kids are working on preparation) regarding preparing and supporting students for the audition process.

Registration & Payment

Online registration & payment only. More to be announced. 

Megan Sinclair

Director of Specialized Festivals

Registration Opens:

August 14th, 2024

Registration Deadline:

September 14th, 2024


September 21, 2024

Saline High School

Saline, MI

Sarah Price


Zach Everly



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